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Where to start?

We have 54 days until the start of our 6 month adventure. We (when I say "we" I mean mostly my husband Graham. He is amazing and has been doing so much research and planning in order to make this trip possible!- literally wouldn't be able to do this without him) have been frantically planning the first leg of the trip in New Zealand: where we are going, what hiking, or as the locals say "tramping", we want to do, transportation, etc. But now its time to actually finalize everything and make it happen: i.e. pack up or throw out everything we own and plan what minimal possessions we will take in our packs, AND then make sure it fits in the unbelievably small 40 liter bags! I'm pretty lax when it comes to what I'm going to wear. I think my comfortability with mixing different pieces and making unexpected combinations has prepared me for this. I normally like to wear neutrals or all black so I think I'll be ok with less variety, but I will definitely miss my heels! Graham on the other hand is freaking out about his wardrobe for this endeavor, which is not like him!

So where to start right? Well I started with the plethora of travel blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos available- because I am by no means an expert at this or even a novice for that matter. The one item, or product line I should say,that I am super excited about is Lush. Their products are all natural, amazing for your body, work very well, AND are extremely travel friendly. So far I'm sold on their solid deodorant, solid shampoo and conditioner and toothie tabs (this amazing tablet form tooth paste!). The solid shampoo is AMAZING and the kind I got is actually pretty moisturizing since it has honey in it. It's saying a lot when I like a shampoo- I have very poofy, thick, curly hair so it takes a lot to maintain. I also just tried their Queen Bee Hair Honey and am really enjoying that product as well for all the reasons noted above- travel safe, great ingredients, etc. (all the links I included are for the specific products I chose, but Lush has different scents/formulas for all of them). Well- I will just leave you with my promotional campaign for Lush- ha! I do need to do some real work for this trip since it is so close!

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Fashionista to backpacker?

I've been told stories of myself from a young age for many years. The one my parents love to tell the most is of me on Christmas day in Dubai, I must have been about 2 1/2 years old. I vividly remember this and I'm not sure if its my memory or one my mother created for me with her expressive story telling abilities. Anyway as the story goes, I try on this outfit that my Grandmother got me for Christmas immediately after opening the gift. I fell in love with the chic black and white leggings and the matching top. Then for "hours" I stood in front of the full length hallway mirror admiring my new threads. And so a child of fashion was born. Ever since I've loved clothes, fashion and all that goes along with it. I've been known to wear multiple outfits per day and apparently according to my story telling parents even multiple outfits per dinner party in my younger days. Now imagine that girl travelling the for 6 months in a 40 liter backpack... take a moment, I definitely did! The crazy thing is my husband has been worrying more about his clothes for this expedition than I have! I have truly grasped this opportunity to let go of my materialism for a while. But never fear, I'm still a fashionista at heart, but with less weighing me down. We'll see how it goes... wish me luck. :)

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